CCLabelBMFont crashes in android

CCLabelBMFont crashes in android
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im using CCLabelBMFont to render some text in android when im using my code in windows it work perfecly but it crash in pLabel~~>initWithString“,”ll.fnt"); i dont know what is the problem because same thing works perfectly in win32 ,my code :
CCLabelBMFont pLabel = new CCLabelBMFont;
pLabel~~>initWithString“,”ll.fnt");// line that crashes
text = pLabel~~>getTexture();


Is the path of “11.fnt” correct?


yes it is( if not it cause error i tested it) , when i run this code on android it hangs for 2-3 seconds then crash, when i put just spaces in string it works! i created fnt file with different programs also (hiero,bmfont.exe,…) and they all working in windows but crashes at android, i think the problem is charset in android or something else!