CCLabelBMFont bug report

CCLabelBMFont bug report
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I got a font description file : “ui_main.fnt”, and a corresponding bmp file : “ui_main.png”.
So the third line of “ui_main.fnt” seems like “page id=0 file=”ui_main.png“”.
But error occurs when parsing the fnt file. It’s due to the line 136 of “CCLabelBMFont.js”,the regular expression /page id=+/gi will cut the line after underline character ‘_’.
Then we will get an unexpected result cause the function parseImageFileName has been passed a wrong argument page id=0 file=“ui.
The regExp should be**/page id=[a-zA-Z0-9_=”,]+/gi**, is that right?


ya,it is indeed a bug.
we will fix it in next version.