CCHttpClient server internal error 500

CCHttpClient server internal error 500
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CCHttpRequest* request = new CCHttpRequest();
request~~>setUrl;//response code: 200 ok
request~~>setUrl(“”);//response code: 200 ok
request~~>setUrl;//response code: 404
request~~>setUrl(“”);//response code: 500
request~~>setResponseCallback(this, callfuncND_selector(MusicGameMenuLayer::onHttpRequestCompleted));

const char* postData = “u_id=3&password=333333333”;
request~~>setTag(“POST test1”);

I don’t know how to fix server internal error 500.
Can’t CCHttpClient visit the directory of the URL?

P.S: I also use AFHTTPClient, and got the same status error.


server side has verify code, if don’t do that, it’s ok. So it is not client side problem.