CCFollow Zooming issue

CCFollow Zooming issue
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I just posted an question on

Can any help?



Hi. You are right, you are not alone with this problem. However, it seems I’ve managed to solve it at one time. So here you are:


@dot squid — the solution you posted does not require any patches to CCFollow, as mentioned by the OP? Just curious what version of CC2d-x you build it against.


Currently I’m using ver2.x (don’t know the exact minor version, since I update it via git), so I’ve tested it with this version only.
No patching is required, just include those files in the project as usual and use ActionZoomFollow instead of CCFollow.


I’m using this on wp8 so its an older version which does’nt have the ActionZoomFollow, if this works I’ll be so happy, I will update with how I get on!

Thanks guys


Naturally, it doesn’t have ActionZoomFollow. That’s because I wrote it myself and thus it has existed only in my local version till today.


Hey dot squid, I tried integrating this, it appears to use the parent step function rather the your custom child step, is there something I maybe missing?


How do you use it?


I got it working