CCFileUtils::dictionaryWithContentsOfFile crash on Windows

CCFileUtils::dictionaryWithContentsOfFile crash on Windows
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Hello I’m trying to use this method to parse an plist file. The application crashes.
I look with the debugger and I see that this line is where the application crashes

bool CCSAXParser::parse(const char *pszFile)

//Here the application crashes
Ln 75: int result = xmlSAXUserParseMemory( &saxHandler, this, pBuffer, size );


I use cocos2d-x 0.8.2 on Windows XP SP3 and Visual Studio 2008 Express.

When I compile the same code on MAC OS it doesn’t crash.


Can you provide more information? Such as the call stack, crash message and so on?

Or you can attach the plist file and the demo code you used. It will help us to reproduce the problem.

Thanks a lot!


@Adi Fly
The key is your plist file. Can we see it?
Maybe some xml tag or structure cause the crash.



I attached the error dialog from Visual Studio and the plist file.



I just take a look at the plist file. The format is not supportted by cocos2d-x now.

We have an issue: #524 resolved it.
And the feature will be released in cocos2d-0.99.5-x-0.8.5 in a few days.

Sorry for the bug!