CCEditBox issue on Sony Xperia Z1

CCEditBox issue on Sony Xperia Z1
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I found an issue where the CCEditBox component pops up the keyboard on a Sony Xperia Z1 but when pressing Enter there is no way to close the keyboard and fill the data into the field. Only thing I can do is use the back button to close it but unfortunately it doesn’t keep the value entered. It works perfectly in lot other devices I have tested so far, but for some reason I have this issue now on the Z1.
Any help or ideas would be gratefully appreciated.


hello,I Got this problem too, do you get any resolution of it, when you get my reply, please reply to me, thanks.


No sorry, haven’t found a solution yet, I don’t also own myself a Z1 so difficult to debug.





@zharev thank you,it works.