CCDirector pop function

CCDirector pop function
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I will create a project in cocos2d-x where first scene is MenuScene. when i was select a menu of setting, MenuScene will push in CCDirector. In setting scene i will change the app language, so therefor when i went to back from setting to MenuScene by pop to CCDirector, i need to update menus name according to language. So which function i will call on back(pop) scene for updates. Is there any other way to do this? thanks in advance.


Use CCDirector::replaceScene instead of CCDirector::pushScene, then your MenuScene will be released when SettingScene pop out. After your config the language, replaceScene again to re-create & re-init MenuScene, call MyConfigSingleton::getInstance()>getLanguage to adjudge and create new sprites/menu items.
But if I’m doing this job, I may use CCLayer for this setting dialog, cover on the top of MenuLayer. When player change the language, I will write the codes in SettingLayer just like this
void SettingLayer::LanaugeChanged
MenuLayer* layer = this
>recreateItems( MyConfigSingleton::getInstance()->getLanguageSetting() );