CCControlColourPicker Error

CCControlColourPicker Error
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Has anyone used CCControlColourPicker on android? I am having issues when I use it. The colorpicker object does not respond to touches in the right half of the most of the times.In the sense that to select the hue, if I tap on the right half of the inner circle, it will fire the callback in my class which can be seen via a CCLog but the tiny white circle indicating the current color visually does not move. Also if I move the white circle from its initial position to some other part in the left half of the circle and then tap on the right half, then the white circle goes to a predefined position every time. Same thing happens when I try and select the hue from the outer circle. I should mention that the CCControlColourPicker object is added to one layer and the callback is fired in another layer.Can this be the problem?

My code to create the picker as I saw in the TestCCP project is:
CCControlColourPicker *colourPicker = CCControlColourPicker::create(); colourPicker->setColor(ccc3(37, 46, 252)); colourPicker->setPosition(ccp (colourPicker->getContentSize().width / 2, colourPicker->getContentSize().height / 2)); colorPickerLayer_->addChild(colourPicker); colourPicker->addTargetWithActionForControlEvents(this, cccontrol_selector(HelloWorld::colourValueChanged), CCControlEventValueChanged); colourValueChanged(colourPicker, CCControlEventValueChanged);