CCClippingNode pixelated borders

CCClippingNode pixelated borders
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Hi everyone, I’m experiencing some issues while using CCClippingNode. The problem is that when a texture is used as a stencil, the borders where the image is clipping are looking blurry/pixelated. Please take a look at the attached image

What I’m doing is using the white image, as the stencil. Here’s how it looks in code

CCSprite whiteSprite = CCSprite::create;
stencil = CCSprite::create(“path/to/white.png”);

Is this wrong? Sorry, I’m following the code examples of Cocos2d-x since there are not much examples on CCClippingNode usage.


Could you show / simulate the desired result? Also you could try setting


Just experiment a little with the values there and see if it helps/changes anything.


Hi, attached the image of the problem. As you can see the borders are jagged and it occurs only on the part where clipping is done. I already tried mClippingNode->setAlphaThreshold(0.05f); it makes no difference. The expected results would be the white part to be a perfect circle clipping the green part that goes below.

Perhaps something related to the OpenGL procedures? , I already corrected a bug on Cocos2d-x from the Cocos2d code in order for clipping to work correctly (


Hi, I am on cocosdx 3.10 and am facing the exact same issue. Does anyone have a solution?