CCBReader Class Reference

CCBReader Class Reference
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Hello guys, first time posting here. I’m posting after a little bit of search on google and the forums and got nothing related to my question, but if I missed something, please point me out.

I’m planning to use CocosBuilder to develop a game with Cocos2D-x. So far I’m able to load a simple scene on the ccbi file format, but I’m still unable to understand how the CCBReader class works. I know that there’s a online reference page here, but there’s only a basic info and no explanation of how each function works. I’ve managed to learn how load ccbi files from some scattered forums posts, but for my project I want some more advanced stuff, like choosing different sets of resources depending on the resolution.

I’ve worked with Cocos2d-x on other projects, and usually when I come across this sort of situation I look into the online reference for some function or class that fills my needs, it has been always good. I’m wondering if it’s somehow related to the fact that CCBReader is part of cocos2d extension and not the main project. I also looked on Cocos2d-iphone and the .h files that comes with CocosBuilder example projects.

So, my question is: is there any documentation for CCBReader class beyond the one who is available on the link above?

One last thing, I noticed that some functions mentioned on the online reference don’t exist in my version of the class (I’m using Cocos2d-x 2.0.4), maybe the document is a little outdated.


Hi again!

After a little more research, I found this wiki page on cocos builder project. It has a more in-deep explanation for using CocosBuilder inside Cocos2d-x (most part of the documentation found on the web is actually about using it inside cocos2d-iphone)

If anyone has some problem understanding the CCBReader class, this page can help.


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