CCBlink doenst work

CCBlink doenst work
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I have created a long time ago a post to solve it, but since today i have the same problem.

When my player collide with an enemy it have to blink. But when i debug the blink action is created but my player doesnt blink and nothing happen.

You can see my game here:

And the code is attached.

After some time that the game in running the player is invisible :frowning:

Im using last version of cocos2d-x and the problem i get on android and mac/ios.

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 5.59.25 PM.png (289.3 KB)


Make sure you call blink() function once. It can be a problem if you keep calling it, it will look like things won’t get processed.
For visibility issue, you may have to set opacity to the sprite manually once you’ve done with blinking or during blinking process, this will confirms that thing is properly set. This is because sometimes you’re in the middle of the blinking and its opacity is set to 0, and something happens at the same time to not let blinking finishes.

Not sure if those helps as I see only portion of your code. Please check anyway.