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hi friends
in new version cocos2d-x use ccarray and ccmutablearray removeed . and now how i can :
1: add ccarray to it
2: how can get object at index
3: how can get object in ccarray in other ccarray
how can add object to ccarray in other ccarray


The interfaces of CCMutableArray and CCArray are very similiar, so I think it’s easy to change your codes from CCMutableArray to CCArray.


i have problem with ccarray in ccarray
CCARRAY_FOR_EACH just work with CCObject and i can not found any whey to (add,remove,find) CCArray objects in other CCArray


You should force converting ‘CCObject**’ to ’CCArray**’.
CCObject* pObj;
CCArray* arr;
CCArray* pElementArr = (CCArray*)pObj;