CCArray and CCMutableArray

CCArray and CCMutableArray
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Why the following methods of CCMutableArray are prefixed by “get”, but not in CCArray?

CCArray::indexOfObject() — CCMutableArray::getIndexOfObject()
CCArray::objectAtIndex() — CCMutableArray::getObjectAtIndex()
CCArray::lastObject() — CCMutableArray::getLastObject()

it seems a little weird, specially when you see that the “count” method is not prefixed in neither of the 2 classes.


In first, we want to code it with c*+ style. You now, c*+ always use getxxx() to get the member variable.
As you say, it is a little weird. I think we should change it if it is possible(history issue). This problem exists
in other where.


how to put list of objects in CCArray give me example plz….