CCArmature performance

CCArmature performance
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I’m using CCArmature for animations, but I have a problem. I have about 100 animations using the same data. When I use this animations, my game got a lot of problems, because the game gets more than 100mb in memory. (same game using spriteframes animations only uses 22mb of memory)

It’s possible to have two CCArmature sharing the same data? (only changing index of the current animation), something similar to spritebatchnode.

This is a performance problem. And I think this problems is duplicated on cocos2d-x too.


Thanks Jose. We will check this issue.

We have tested 8 CCArmature in IronCity demo on mobile browsers in Canvas mode.
The number of draw call is 8 times, because of canvas doesn’t support BatchNode. I think it could share the texture in WebGL mode to reduce the draw call.


Another problem is that CCArmature duplicate it’s data (json data) on every animation variable, making the game slow because it grows on memory footprint.

It’s possible to have the same data shared across multiple animations?

I’m trying to do this by myself, once I understand ccarmature sourcecode.