CCActionCamera problem

CCActionCamera problem
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hi guys,

when i update cocos2d-x to cocos2d-0.99.5-x-0.8.5, my code with CCActionCamera can not run perfect. It always flicker.

I use CCActionCamera in 0.8.3 ,it’s Ok.

CCActionInterval * firstAction = CCOrbitCamera::actionWithDuration(d/2 ,1 ,0 ,0 ,90 ,0 ,0);
CCAction * show = CCCallFunc::actionWithTarget(this, callfunc_selector(Card::showIt));
CCActionInterval * secondAction = CCOrbitCamera::actionWithDuration(d/2 ,1 ,0 ,270 ,90 ,0 ,0);
CCEaseBounceOut *ease = CCEaseBounceOut::actionWithAction(secondAction);

this->runAction(CCSequence::actions( firstAction,show,ease,NULL));



I just write a simple test for your case, it’s pasted in the attachment.
It runs smoothly on iphone4.3 simulator.
Which platform are you running? And the key is probably in the codes of Card::showIt method.


hi Walzer,

Thanks for your reply.

You can try addChild background.

And I can’t download the attachment with chrome on Mac. Safari is OK.



hi Walzer

Can’t CCOrbitCamera works well with background image?
CCActionCamera in 0.8.3 just a little better than latest version.


You can try CCDirector::setDepthTest(false) to deal with the flicker problem.