Cc.autopolygon not found when trying to create polygon sprite


I’m am trying to create a polygon sprite by doing the following:

var batInfo = cc.autopolygon.generatePolygon(res.bat);
Objs.bat = new cc.Sprite(batInfo);

When I run in Chrome using cocos run -p web, autopolygon is not being found:

Cocos2d-JS v3.14
app.js [sm]:161 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘generatePolygon’ of undefined
at Class.ctor (app.js [sm]:161)
at Class. (CCClass.js:258)
at new Class (CCClass.js:214)
at Class.onEnter (app.js [sm]:228)
at Class. (CCClass.js:258)
at Class._performRecursive (CCNode.js:1494)
at Class.setNextScene (CCDirector.js:555)
at Class.drawScene (CCDirector.js:239)
at Class.mainLoop (CCDirector.js:877)
at callback (CCBoot.js:2560)
ctor @ app.js [sm]:161
(anonymous) @ CCClass.js:258
Class @ CCClass.js:214
onEnter @ app.js [sm]:228
(anonymous) @ CCClass.js:258
_performRecursive @ CCNode.js:1494
setNextScene @ CCDirector.js:555
drawScene @ CCDirector.js:239
mainLoop @ CCDirector.js:877
callback @ CCBoot.js:2560

Am I missing something?