Canvas in iframe not show at first time Please help me

Canvas in iframe not show at first time Please help me
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my boss want to develop game and The game should be faster performance. but i dev normal style it too slow because preload many resource.

my boss let me fix it by iframe and split resource into sub file and load a specific needs into a game. and in this step I found the problem.

the problem is canvas can’t show at first. but i change to other page it’s work and back to first page it’s will work too.

and if i connect to my imac and view console it’s not have error and if i write alert statement in console or touch the screen and touch and touch touch touch …… canvas will draw my game

help me please. T_**_**T

i test by webview ipad1 ipad2 but it’s work great and this problem i found in the new ipad only. and this problem i often found it’s not alway. and i found problem around 9 in 10

Thank you very much.


And i test by sample file of cocos and i found this problem too.

help me please.


It looks so strange. I didn’t met this problem.

Could you show us some sample online to reproduce the issue?


okay. ^^ i will show my case thank for help.
please wait


oh. i found solution for solve this problem

i found this problem because i include greensock plugin and now i change plugin for fix it and it’s work great.

thank you Shun Lin for help. ^^