can't start cocos2d\Release.win32\libBox2d.lib

can't start cocos2d\Release.win32\libBox2d.lib
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hi, everyone .thank you in advance for coming to solve problem for me !
let me cut the point . here is the error :

can’t start cocos2d\Release.win32\libBox2d.lib
file can’t be recognized or unsupported binary file…

I upload a picture to show the error !

thank you again.

123.jpg (38.9 KB)


You should run HelloWorld or tests.
You can not run a lib.


first of all, I really appreciate for your answer . but,your providing HelloWorld or tests are working fine . I just want to debug a helloworld I designed. and when I debug my program , you know, in a step by step way. It went wrong like I said before. thank you again!


i have the same problem. i will attach the english error description’s picture. is there a step i missed, when setting up the environment, or when adding a new project? also, when i run the examples from the debug.win32 folder, they cant seem to find the closenormal, closeselected, and helloworld pictures, they only work fine when i run the release versions.


everything was fine, the context was wrong: libbox2d was written in bold to the left instead of the project i wanted to run , so i just had to set it as startup project as written in another post here by strawberry milksake: