Can't open *.tmx file

Can't open *.tmx file
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Hello, i have created some forms in a.tmx file. It works fluently on cocos2d, but not in cocos2d-x. It gets an error when i compile it although i have this file in my resources. I initialize it this way:

tileMapNode = CCTMXTiledMap::tiledMapWithTMXFile("a.tmx");

Maybe someone has a solution to this? Thank you.


You should assign a category of the post. Which platform did you met this problem, ios or android?


I’m sorry. It’s ios.


Have you noticed the difference between reference and creating folder in xcode? one the blue folder, another is yellow. They’re different.


I’m not completely following what do mean. All the folders in Xcode are yellow. And Resources folder is also yellow.

bool CCTextureAtlas::initWithTexture(CCTexture2D *texture, unsigned int capacity)
CCAssert(texture != NULL, “texture should not be null”);

this the place where it crashes.


Well, the program cannot find your texture.
Have you packed the image with tmx file, in the same folder?
e.g. in a.tmx file

You need to pack iso-test.png together with a.tmx.


yup, there is a png picture in the same folder as a.tmx. I’m confused. tileset is good, pointing to a picture in the same folder.


Found the problem. Tileset can’t be empty, that’s where the error come from. Difference - on cocos2d you can load empty tile set.