Can't get the touch event when testing on real web server (both Desktop and mobile)?


I used the following fraction of code to receive the touch event.

`ccTouchesEnded:function (pTouches, pEvent) {
if(pTouches.length <= 0)

    var pTouch = pTouches[0];
    var location = pTouch.locationInView(pTouch.view());
    location = cc.Director.sharedDirector().convertToGL(location);
        alert(location.x +","+location.y);
        this._touchPosLabel.setString(location.x + "," + location.y);

It’s successful and be able to show the position both for “alert()” and “label” testing on Desktop for local web server. But when I test it on the real web server in the Internet, it didn’t seem to do anything.
Any suggestions on what might be a problem ?


Is the html page the same as in local server


Ohh, I thought that I got back to this post already. May be my post is lost.

The problem is solved now Hao Wu, it’s because I refer to one of .js file with case-insensitive in folder name. It’s a problem when testing on the real server. But for local web server, it has no problem.
In addition, the web server injected some code in index.html (so it might be what you said as well) and I believe with some policy on their web server so accessing with case-insensitive is not possible.

Thanks again !