Can't get particle textures to work

Can't get particle textures to work
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Every time I try to use a texture in a CCParticleSystem, I just get blurred circles. I’ve tried it using textures embedded in plists, texture files referenced from plists, and by using the particle systems in CCParticleExamples.js.

        var particle=cc.ParticleFlower.create();
        particle.setPosition(this.getContentSize().width/2, this.getContentSize().height/2);

I’ve verified that sparkle.png does exist, and when I pass in an invalid path it throws an error.

Is there anything specific I need to do to enable this? I can see that it works fine in the JS tests, and as far as I can tell I’m not doing anything different from what that does.

Any advice / debugging tips will be greatly appreciated

(primarily testing in chrome on a mac, but I get the same behavior in safari)


figured out my problem - unlike cocos2dx, you need to call


before the particle emitter will display textured particles.