Can't get HD images to work

Can't get HD images to work
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I just started using cocos2d-x a few days ago and am having problems with retina display. I’m using the current stable version. When I test on my ipod 4th generation, which has retina display, it seems to be using the standard images, not the ones with the “~~hd" prefix. The hd images only load if i specify opening the picture with an "~~hd” tag. I even tried scaling the “HelloWorld.png” picture in GIMP and labelling it “HelloWorld-hd.png” and adding it to the project target, but it still doesn’t work. Adding a “@2x” to “default.png” results in the initial splash screen using the right image. Am I missing something obvious?


Here’s the document [[Mechanism of loading resources]].
The mechanism in cocos2d-x is different from cocos2d-iphone. We use different directories instead of adding prefixes/postfixes.
This design is more convenient on android, since screen resolutions are more complex on it.


Thanks! Using those instructions worked. I must have been reading some older tutorials.