Can't download cocos2d-x releases...

Can't download cocos2d-x releases...
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Today I’ve found that I can’t download any realease, I keep getting the 403 error (for instance, when trying here:

I’m logged in, of course… any idea of what might be wrong? Sorry if there is an obvious reason for this… but I’ve been out of the community for a while :stuck_out_tongue:


I have the same problem! Helps will be appreciate, thanks! :frowning:


Great to see that nothing works since this page was redesigned. But let me draft the real problem here: Seriously guys, why do I have to submit personal data to you in order to download an openSource-project??? You DO known what openSource means, right? “Free” as in “not NSA’ing around”. I wanted to teach a class NDK-android-programming tomorrow and let them download cocos2d-x from this page. Looks like I’ve got to improvise…. totallyNotAmused To clarify possible misunderstandings: I love cocos2d, which is why I propagate it quite a lot. Your previous work was AMAZING! But this situation gives it a real bad smell……


It does work now! Anyway, I think Christian is right… why would I need to register an log-in, in order to download open source software?


Registration isn’t needed, you can download it without registration too… I tried from another PC with another browser :slight_smile: