Can't Create a new Android project

Can't Create a new Android project
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Hello guys,
The main issue I am having, is that I am trying to create a new Android project, I have everything properly set (SDK, CYGWIN, NDK ver 7 6 and 5 tested),and seems to be running fine with the create-android-project.bat file, but right after the proguard-project.txt file is added to the project, the console shows
line 16: [: too many arguments
Don’t run in cygwin. You should run corresponding bat.”

But I did run in cmd on windows, not in cygwin。Why it tips Don’t run in cygwin ?

And afterwards I can’t continue the process because the is not in the folder.

Thanks in advance for any responses!

Regards from Night Yan

Error creating android project

>> line 16: [: too many arguments

Could you please paste the content?
And how did you run bat file?


Thank you very much, Minggo Zhang.
I just double click create-android-project.bat to run it.


Does the path contains space?


What does the path contains space mean?


Such as the path “/user/a b/” contains space.
The script said

>>line 16: [: too many arguments

So yo should check the content of that line.


I’ve found where the problem is. I install the android sdk & ndk in directory D:Files\Android with blank in the path. It’s ok as I copy them to d:
Thank you very much. Best wishes to you.