Cannot load images on ios device

Cannot load images on ios device
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I’m developing a game for iOS called Monster Genius.
I’ve two sprite sheets created with TexturePacker and i’m loading them with CCSpriteFrameCache::sharedSpriteFrameCache()->addSpriteFramesWithFile(“SpriteSheetName.plist”, “SpriteSheetName.png”); .
In simulator everything runs OK, all images load perfectly and i can show them in the proper way. But when i build the game for device some images from spritesheet does not display correctly.
Most weired is that, some ones just crash by EXEC_BAD_ACESS and others fires a pop up with a message that cannot load.
I really dont understand why, because other sprites from the same spritesheet loads and displays OK.
I already search on google about this but i found only awsers for Win(32 and Metro) and Android.
Sorry if i’m did a mistake and i’m polluting the forum but i’m really confused with this error!

Thanks a lot!


That sounds strange. Are you sure that one sprite is loaded correctly and other from exactly the same spritesheet crashes when loading? You could try exporting spritesheets to format other than png like pvr or jpg and check if it still crashes on the device.


Leszek Leszek,
Thanks a lot to reply the post.
I can fix this, but unfortunately i dont know how. I just clean the project, close and open XCode and the problem was gone.