Can you use shaders on the windows port?

Can you use shaders on the windows port?
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I noticed in the cocos2d-x tutorial 1 it mentions the windows version uses powervr 1.1. Can you use powervrs opengl es 2.0 so you can use shaders.


You can checkout our gles2.0 branch and have a try. But gles2.0 is still unstable now.


Okay. Thanks. Is there any reason the windows port uses opengl es rather than using a full version? It seems like you are having a huge penalty.


Also is the gles 2.0 branch stable on the iphone and android versions? I guess I thought the 2.0 version had been out for a while.



  1. Using gles on windows so we can easily test gles usages before testing on ios/android devices. PowerVR’s gles library is free to use & distribute, I’m very certain about this.
  2. gles2.0 branch isn’t stable enough yet.