Can we add layer inside a layer..??

Can we add layer inside a layer..??
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Can we add a layer inside a layer…??
Can we add a scene inside a scene…??

I’ve added layer inside a layer its working fine on my PC (win32) but when porting on AVD its not able to get the image for the nested layer from asset folder, i checked asset folder all images are there and in apk also (checked in WinRar).

is there any other method to add sprite apart from ,


which is much better than this for android…because in android its not able to get the image from this function for the nested layer but yes for the outermost layer its working fine…

which is much better…to give sprite file name at the time of adding…as



storing the file name with path in static const char[] and then using it in spriteWithFile method. (As its been done “tests”).

i m trying so many things but i m not able to get rid of the problem that is, my game works fine on PC but on AVD when i change the scene and try to add image in init() the game crashes saying “not able to get data (ImageBg.png) from asset”…but every thing is present in asset and akp as well…

Please Help…


CCSprite::spriteWithFile() has nothing about the where the layer is added.
It is strange by your description.
I will check it.