Can not use CCParticleSnow in LUA

Can not use CCParticleSnow in LUA
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Problem solved.

in “LuaCocos2d.cpp”, CCParticleSnow base-class and sub-class order error.

CCNode —> CCParticleSystem —> CCParticleSystemQuad —> CCParticleSnow

tolua_cclass(tolua_S, “CCParticleSnow”, “CCParticleSnow”, “CCParticleSystemQuad”,NULL);
tolua_cclass(tolua_S, “CCParticleSystemQuad”, “CCParticleSystemQuad”, “CCParticleSystem”, tolua_collect_CCParticleSystemQuad);
tolua_cclass(tolua_S, “CCParticleSystem”, “CCParticleSystem”, “CCNode”,NULL);

But codes in “LuaCocos2d.cpp” call

If u want use CCParticleXXX in LUA and see error like “ERROR #1 is CCParticleSnow, expect is CCNode”,
better check the “tolua_beginmodule” orders.
make sure module order is: CCNode, CCParticleSystem, CCParticleSystemQuad, CCParticleXXX :slight_smile: