Cameo - Guess The Gems! (Mastermind Revamp)


Hi everybody, my name is Davide an I’m the programmer at Lomeni Games.
We just published our very first game, Cameo, on Google Play!

You can find it here

Nothing complex actually, it’s an improved version of Mastermind, but we are quite proud of it!

We used Cocos2d-x (version 2.2), but we do not plan to make a porting for iOs (yet).
We are a 2-people-team and this is our very first attempt to create a game (thus we chose a deliberately easy gameplay mechanic so that we could concentrate on the tecnical aspects of the game creation).

We plan to make more games using Cocos2d-x and we really awe the cocos2d-x developers for making this wonderful engine!
Thanks a lot, really!

Cameo_Screenshot_01_480x854.png (464.4 KB)

Cameo_Screenshot_02_480x854.png (466.8 KB)

Cameo_Screenshot_03_480x854.png (594.6 KB)

Cameo_Screenshot_04_480x854.png (573.4 KB)

Cameo_Screenshot_05_1280x720.png (561.0 KB)



Thank you so much!!