Call for testers for Chirp Chirp for Android

Call for testers for Chirp Chirp for Android
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Hi all,

So as people here might have noticed, I’ve mentioned that I’ve been working on porting Chirp Chirp, a cocos2d-iphone game, to the android using cocos2d-x. However, I’m pretty much just one guy who recently lost his job at a small games company in Berlin, and I only have a crappy Archos 101 for testing on. There’s definately some strange things with this device - as I posted before, there’s some problem with the TTF font rendering, and also there’s no music that you can hear. But on the emulator and on friend’s phones, these things work fine.

Anyway, I’m at the stage where the game is pretty much finished. Some friends have done a bit of testing, but I thought I’d just throw the game out to this community for those who are interested, and also if anyone spots any bugs, you can perhaps let me know and I’ll be super grateful :wink:

The latest apk is here:

In particular, I’ve been getting some very odd things where the results of resource loads becomes NULL somehow. I found ripping out libxml and writing my own parser for dictionaries using tinyxml has fixed a lot of the problems, but I still get some strange empty textures sometimes. Here’s one way I can reproduce this on my Archos 101 - if anyone has a chance, this would be a really great test:

  1. choose christmas theme, normal game mode
  2. get to level2, and make a few birds
  3. go back to the pause menu
  4. choose haloween theme
  5. choose classic theme
  6. choose rock n roll game mode
  7. go back into the game and make a bird

On my archos, at this point all the birds become white squares. However, a friend with a HTC Desire didn’t get this problem. Very strange.

Anyway, let me know what you think! And thanks to everyone who’s worked on cocos2d-x for making this happen :wink:


Woah, it’s big! Had to clean up to get some space on my Desire before I could actually install the app :slight_smile:
(I think there would be nice opportunity for the Cocos2d-x team here. Cocos2d-x is really, really, really awesome, but it’s kind of big without even the artwork included)

Nice game, looks like a fun way to kill some time :slight_smile:

I did what you asked on my HTC Desire (running the latest update with Android 2.2), but did not see any loss of textures.

Only “complaint” I’ve got is that the menus feel a bit slow’ish. Also, the (physical) back button doesn’t work on the “new game?” screen (when a level has been completed or failed).


The libs are only 1.5MB, while the assets are 20.8MB. I think this size is very common on ios, the games from gameloft will take at least 500MB. Another choice is to build libcocos2d.a and use static link to your game, which may reduce a little size.

Isaac Ashdown, which version of android is your game based? 2.1/2.2/2.3?

Maybe I’m very unlucky. I install the apk on both Moto XOOM (android3.0, 1280x800) & HUAWEI U8800(andoid2.2,WVGA). I can see the menu screen and hear the music, but there’s no any response when I tap on anything, New Game, Highscores, Themes, Modes, Back-Key, Menu-Key… No responses on both 2 devices.


Well, 1.5MB is a lot when you’ve only got an average of ~25MB to use :wink: (like on the Desire).
I might give the static library approach a try, tnx for the idea!


Thanks for taking a look!

Regarding the size, I’m told it’s smaller than the iphone version (which was developed by some friends). It includes both high and low-res textures though, which is probably a big source of the size. I’d like to reduce it sometime, for sure. However, it should try an install on your external media, if its available - and you’re running at least 2.2.

The game should run on 2.1 and above.

Regarding your problems, Walzer, I believe I replicated them on the emulator - it seems perhaps they were a symptom of in-app billing not being supported. They should now be fixed; a new verison is available here:

The menus are indeed a bit sluggish. They’re currently destroyed when not being rendered, to save memory, but it means when they come in again assets must be loaded from disk. Again, its the same approach as on the iphone version, which is a lot smoother. Perhaps the media reading is much faster on iOS.

Thanks again! Let me know if you spot anything else :wink:


aha, I can play it now!
interesting! I like the lovely sound effect!
And if the green points are changed into other images, e.g, ninja darts, or stars, or little birds, will it be more funny?