Cache mechanism inside cocos2d-html5

Cache mechanism inside cocos2d-html5
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I want to know if cocos2d-html5 has some cache mechanism inside it.
I ask that because now I have problems with cache in all my browsers, chrome and firefox.
I try to modify my js file and when I refresh the page, no one of my changes are applied, I don’t understand what exactly are happened.
But this problems only begin to happen some days ago, in the beginning this strange behaviour don’t happen.

Thanks for your attention if you read this.
If you can help, I’ll be very grateful.


There is not js file cache in cocos2d-html5.

Which files did you modify? Engine files or game files?

Have you pushed them to your web server before you refresh the page?

If there is a manifest file in your project, please update it’s version before you refresh the page.


I modify game files.
I send files to webserver, I use xampp to put my game files, I uninstall xampp and install another version, the problem is gone by now, if anything goes wrong I’ll put a comment here.

I don’t know what is a manifest file, I know a manifest file only in android.

Thanks Shun Lin for your help.


Hi there,

It’s happening to me too, and the only solution I could find is clean the cache and refresh the browser…

It’s not like caching just images, is like Fabio sais, you make a change in a custom JS file and you cant see the results of your change immediately.



It is a mechanism of browsers. Browser caches the files.

So clean the cache of browsers would be a good idea.


I use Ctrl+F5 to refresh browser in Google Chrome, works perfectly.