C++ for iOS?

C++ for iOS?
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Can I use cocos2d-x to develop games for iOS in C++?
I have developed many games in different languages but I’m having a hard time learning obj-c. It just feels so different to everything else and I really can’t see any point with the syntax.

If it’s possible, are there any drawbacks to use cocos2d-x instead of cocos2d-iphone?


Hi, Thomas.

Yes, one of the objectives of cocos2d-x is to allow the game development using C++ language.

At the moment I’m writing you can use it to develop for iOS, Android, Bada, Blackberry Playbook, Windows, Mac and Linux (the last three just for ease development)




I think that it’s a bit misleading.

You cannot use it to develop for Windows, Mac, Linux (not sure, is it the same problem as Windows and Mac?).

It is not meant to be developed for desktop.

Hopefully that changes in the near future, though.


@Emmanuel AFAIK You can develop for theses platform.

At the moment these platforms are intended to easy your development effort so you shouldn’t use it for commercial release (but I’m pretty sure in the future these platforms will be stable enough to let us release commercial programs).




Yes, they’re not meant to be developed for.


Can I assume the things that make is unsuitable for those platforms are the use of the PowerVR APIs?

If a native OpenGL implementation existed for these platforms (Mainly windows) then how far away/what would be required for it to be classed as stable

James Mintram


Linux port is using native OpneGL. So in theory, it’s not hard to migrate win32 port from OpenGLES1.1 implementation to OpenGL, and make it stable.