C++ and Lua support for creator 0.2 released


If you don’t know what’s C++ and Lua support for creator and don’t know how to use it, please read this ticket.

As Cocos Creator plugin version can not start with alphabet, so change new version name to 0.2. Changelog of this version:

  • support PageView
  • support Toggle
  • support ToggleGroup
  • support Slider
  • support WebView
  • support VideoPlayer
  • complete RichText support
  • complete ProgressBar support
  • add CreatorReader::getAnimationManager(), so can use the result(not exported to lua, will be added in future)
    • running actions after Scene is set up
    • can pause/stop/resume animations at runtime

I think current supported features are enough to make a normal game. Features planned to be supported are in issues. I am not sure if all features can be supported, but will try to support it if possible.

You are appreciated if you can test it and give some feedback.

We need a friendly ENGINE, not a dysfunction EDITOR
C++ and Lua support for creator alpha1 released


I think current supported features are enough to make a normal game

That’s good news! I’m on 3.13 using Cocos Studio still, which uses the Layouts (Panels in the editor) on every single one of the few dozen nodes I’ve got. I guess what I’m asking is is https://github.com/cocos2d/creator_to_cocos2dx/issues/34 is Layout like ui::Layout or like RelativeLayoutParameter.

I would love to move to the latest version, I’m just apprehensive but I’ve been following this and it’s coming along well.


Creator’s Layout is different from cocos2d-x. I may be a big work and i haven’t dipped into too much of it.


Okay great, if it’s something totally different that’s actually good. Thanks!


Great job! Thanks