Building/debugging problems with Xcode 4

Building/debugging problems with Xcode 4
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Hi !

I have got some problems with the building/debugging of my Cocos2d-x project which is developed with Xcode 4.

Sometimes everything seems to work well: all the errors are displayed (without having to rebuild), they directly disappear when I correct them (also without having to rebuild), etc…

But, very often, the errors are not all displayed… For example, they are displayed in some classes or at the beginning of a class but not at the end, etc… When I correct an error, I have to rebuild to make it disappear, etc…

Does anyone have this kind of problems ? How to solve them ?



Sorry, I have poor experience on Xcode.
I think you can ask this question on apple forum too.
I think it is not caused by cocos2d-x.
I hope some one in this forum can resolve your problem.