Building android/lua project problem

Building android/lua project problem
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Hi could somebody explain me how should I compile lua files ?
What i’m doing now is after any changes in lua scripts i run, it’s work (changes are saved),but build_native is deleting some assets.

I’m working on TestLua project (sample cocos project). I can add files in to Resources folder (and they stay after compilation), but i have no idea, how can I change default ‘asset path’ (in some scripts i found :
local spr = CCSprite:create(“Images/grossini.png”)
but ‘Images’ is in ‘assets’ folder, so if i add something there, after compilation ( i loss them, and I recive log:
“Get data from file(Images/_menu_background.png) failed!”

Could someone explain me what should I do, and what i’m doing wrong ?


I’m using :
NDK android-ndk-r8e


In the,you can see some comments like “# copy resources”,after these comments,the do some copy work.The “Images” folder is in the “TestCpp/Resources” folder.