build_native error: CCThread.h: No such file or directory


cocos2dx: cocos2d-2.1rc0-x-2.1.3
os: mac os

Firstly, I am able to create a android project and build && run both on emulator and machine.

Then the problem is that I need to use the CCThread.h in my project. I added a line — include “CCThread.h” in the HelloWorldScene.cpp and run build_native gave me the error:

Compile*+ thumb : game_shared <= main.cpp
Compile*+ thumb : game_shared <= AppDelegate.cpp
Compile++ thumb : game_shared <= HelloWorldScene.cpp
jni/…/…/Classes/HelloWorldScene.cpp:4:22: fatal error: CCThread.h: No such file or directory

and here is my file:

LOCAL_PATH := $(call my-dir)

include $(CLEAR_VARS)

LOCAL_MODULE := game_shared


LOCAL_SRC_FILES := hellocpp/main.cpp …/…/Classes/AppDelegate.cpp …/…/Classes/HelloWorldScene.cpp …/…/Classes/GameOverScene.cpp


LOCAL_WHOLE_STATIC_LIBRARIES := cocos2dx_static cocosdenshion_static cocos_extension_static


$(call import-module,CocosDenshion/android) $(call import-module,cocos2dx) $(call import-module,extensions)


I think I might need to change this file but don’t how (I have little experience on android develop stuffs).

How someone can help me, thanks :slight_smile: