build error with HelloLua on Windows

build error with HelloLua on Windows
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i download the latest code from GitHub[[]]
But i can’t build HelloLua successfully on Windows XP with VS 2008.
I get follow error messages:

1>e:2d-x-2.0\lua\cocos2dx_support\ccluaengine.h(115) : error C2039: “ccTime”: 不是“cocos2d”的成员
1>e:2d-x-2.0\lua\cocos2dx_support\ccluaengine.h(115) : error C2061: 语法错误 : 标识符“ccTime”
1>e:2d-x-2.0\hellolua\classes\appdelegate.cpp(49) : error C2352: “cocos2d::CCFileUtils::fullPathFromRelativePath”: 非静态成员函数的非法调用
1> e:2d-x-2.0\cocos2dx\platform\ccfileutils.h(78) : 参见“cocos2d::CCFileUtils::fullPathFromRelativePath”的声明

anyone encounter same problem?


yes, git head is broken, I’m using an old fork of mine that still compiles.