Bug with Facebook picture on retina devices

Bug with Facebook picture on retina devices
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First of all thank you very much for this awesome work that you are doing. Cocos2d-x is the best.

We are trying to integrate Facebook in our game. And it works perfectly on windows, android and ios ( non retina devices ).
But when we run in on retina device ( iPhone 4 ) the picture that we get from facebook looks strange.

Please see attached a screenshot from our game. The Facebook profile picture in on the top left of the screen.
The image appears as if there is a gray layer over it. The right side of the picture ( a couple of pixels )looks ok, but the rest of the picture is strange.
Is there an issue with the format that Facebook is using and cocos2d-x formats ?

We use the latest Cocos2d-2.0-x-2.0.4 version.

Thanks a lot for your support!

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cocos2d-x 2.0.3有个BUG

Does anyone else have this problem ?


Does anyone have this issue ?


I managed to fix this problem by setting a blending function to the sprite like this:

ccBlendFunc bf={GL_ONE,GL_ZERO}; pProfilePicture->setBlendFunc(bf);