Bug - Weird GL error 0x0501 on Android

Bug - Weird GL error 0x0501 on Android
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I’m getting Gl Error 0x0501 on Android while loading PVR texture.
After investigating the issue I’ve tracked it down to be related to “CHECK_GL_ERROR_DEBUG();” not being called in release mode.

So I’ve changed the function “bool CCTexturePVR::createGLTexture()” in “CCTexturePVR.cpp” to be:

  // Won't be called
  //CHECK_GL_ERROR_DEBUG(); // clean possible GL error

  // Must be called
   err = glGetError();
   if (err != GL_NO_ERROR)
    CCLog("glError: 0x%04X", err);          

Anyone knows why there is a need to call glGetError to clean up the error? Is it safe to ignore a gl Error?


OMG, Finally, I find the answer here. Thanks you very much!