[Bug Report][2.1.5+]LabelTTF Stroke problems

[Bug Report][2.1.5+]LabelTTF Stroke problems
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  1. CCLabelTTF::enabelStroke() ignore stroke color parameters on android, the color is always black.
    I find it caused by the following java code in line 175 of org.cocos2dx.lib.Cocos2dxBitmap

     paintStroke.setARGB(255, (int)strokeR * 255, (int)strokeG * 255, (int)strokeB * 255);

Type conversion from float to int happens before the multiplication to 255, not after
strokeR, strokeG, strokeB are float in [0, 1], after type conversion they are all zero, so the color is always black.
I fixed this bug by changing this line to

    paintStroke.setARGB(255, Math.round(strokeR * 255), Math.round(strokeG * 255), Math.round(strokeB * 255));
  1. CCLabelTTF do not paint stroke on IOS built by IOS7 SDK, IOS6 SDK is ok.

  2. why android set the stroke width to half of the incoming width (line 174, org.cocos2dx.lib.Cocos2dxBitmap) ? This makes the stroke width on android is much thinner than IOS.

    paintStroke.setStrokeWidth(strokeSize * 0.5f);