Bug: OpenGL Error 0x0500 caused by CCParticleSystemQuad


Good morning,

I am getting OpenGL Error 0x0500 when I start up my application (iPhone 5.0, cocos2d-x 1.0.1-x-0.9.2)

If I run the code through the xcode OpenGL profiler, it traces the problem to CCParticleSystemQuad::initWithTotalParticles, which uses:


This should be:


I also ran the cocos2d-x particle system tests through the profiler, and it found the same issue. I can obtain the same OpenGL error in the particle system tests if I turn on the debug flags.




Ben is right. I had the same problem.
This thread is 4 months old and the bug is still here, you should really make this important fix in the code base.
Thanks Ben for finding this.


Thank you.
Is this bug happened only on iOS 5.0?


Bug is still on 0.13.0 ver, on iOS 4.