[Bug]CCAction Blink does not work

[Bug]CCAction Blink does not work
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Based on code below, no schedule no nothing, Blink dos not work on pSprite8 whereas on pSprite9 it kind of does not work with unregular blink after the 4th or 5th time. Blink looks like working on pSprite10. all pSrite8,9 and 10 are visible on screen during the first second as expected…
Does it come from the code? or is it really a bug of blinks?

CCFiniteTimeAction* actionBlink = CCBlink::actionWithDuration(2, 2);
CCFiniteTimeAction* actionPause1s = CCDelayTime::actionWithDuration(1);
CCFiniteTimeAction* actionPause2s = CCDelayTime::actionWithDuration(2);
CCFiniteTimeAction* actionPause3s = CCDelayTime::actionWithDuration(3);
CCFiniteTimeAction* seq_fumee1 = CCSequence::actions(actionPause3s,
actionBlink, actionBlink, NULL);

CCFiniteTimeAction* seq_fumee2 = CCSequence::actions(actionPause1s, actionBlink, actionPause1s,
CCFiniteTimeAction* seq_fumee3 = CCSequence::actions( actionPause2s, actionBlink,

pSprite8~~>runAction );
pSprite9~~>runAction( CCRepeat::actionWithAction(seq_fumee2, 200) );
pSprite10->runAction( CCRepeat::actionWithAction(seq_fumee3, 200) );


CCFiniteTimeAction* seq_fumee1 = CCSequence::actions;

You use the same object “actionBlink” in sequence, I think you should copy one to use it.