[bug] #429 Fix

[bug] #429 Fix
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Need to reset texture format to default after setting the texture format.

Add the following code at the end of PerformanceParticleTest::createParticleSystem()


Not sure why it is needed, because I don’t see the reset at cocos2d test sample, not there is an internal reset somewhere after setting the format.

Hope it helps



Thanks for your fix. But I had to leave this case to ask for Bin’s opinion.
Bin seems to test the performance in different color depth. I don’t know if we modify this to kCCTexture2DPixelFormat_Default, can this achieve his goal?


Thanks for your opinion,but I don’t think it’s the correct approach to fix the bug.
Because in the cocos2d-iphone(the objective-c version),it’s performance test haven’t invoke


But it works all right.So I think it’s a bug of our engine.
By the way,all platforms have this bug,and the bug have different performance on each platform.

Anyway,Thank you very much!