Box2dTest not working on emulator 2.0

Box2dTest not working on emulator 2.0
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i’m writing because i can’t get to work box2dtest on the emulator. Every other test is working (even the box2d Test Bed), but when i select the box2dTest the emulator crashes (on the draw() function, as the log says).
Funny thing though, it works like charm on a real device…
Any help?


Your meaning is it will not cause a crash on device ? Crash just happens on 2.0 emulator?


I have tested this bug, it does exist on emulator HVGA, but it works fine on the WAVE M device.


I found the crash stack infomation. And I have not idea about it.

PC: 0x1D12AAEC LR: 0x1D0F2494 Stack PTR : 0x09A7E824 
0x1D12AAEC [Platform Fns]
0x4004D96A [Platform Fns]
0x4004D292 [Platform Fns]
0x7B808194 glDrawElements_1
0x7C1E5274 cocos2d::CCTextureAtlas::drawQuads()
0x7C203DCC cocos2d::CCSpriteBatchNode::draw()
0x7C20388E cocos2d::CCSpriteBatchNode::visit()
0x7C2803A0 cocos2d::CCNode::visit()
0x7C2803A0 cocos2d::CCNode::visit()
0x7C26752C cocos2d::CCDirector::drawScene()
0x7C268A2A cocos2d::CCDisplayLinkDirector::mainLoop()
0x7C21A0D2 cocos2d::CCApplication::OnTimerExpired(Osp::Base::Runtime::Timer&)
0x78573888 Osp::Base::Runtime::Timer::OnMatrixTimerExpired(void const*, void*, unsigned long)
0x74AB59D4 Event_fire2
0x74AB9574 ThreadPi_getStackSize
0x74AB9574 ThreadPi_getStackSize
0x40027DDC [Platform Fns]
0x74AB8998 Event_processPi
0x74AB9574 ThreadPi_getStackSize
0x400B550E [Platform Fns]
0x74AB5AA8 Event_runMainloopEx
0x7B6C98E4 0x001C18E4+TestCocos2dx.exe
0x7863ABA4 Osp::App::__AppExecutable::OnStart(Osp::Base::Runtime::_EventDispatcherEventArg const&)
0x7863C0EE virtual thunk to Osp::App::__AppExecutable::OnStart(Osp::Base::Runtime::_EventDispatcherEventArg const&)
0x78572AE4 Osp::Base::Runtime::__EventDispatcherCore::Start()
0x78639648 Osp::App::__AppExecutable::Run()
0x786412B4 Osp::App::Application::Execute(Osp::App::Application* (*)(), Osp::Base::Collection::IList const*, Osp::App::AppAttributeType)
0x400532C2 [Platform Fns]