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Box2d version
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Box2d is now supports 2.3.0 version. The latest Box2d version that comes with Cocos2d-x is 2.2.1.
Are there any roadmap to upgrade to Box2d 2.3.0 ?



According to :

I only see 2.2.1. Where do you see a download for 2.3.0?


See this link


I sent Erin Cato a tweet asking about 2.3.0, let’s find out from the source.



I’d also like to know what the plans are for Box2D version 2.3

I currently have it included locally in my own cocos2d-x app outside the cocos lib root. This compiles and runs fine on linux.

I am confused as to how to integrate it into an Android project though. Are there some simple steps to upgrading box2d that comes packaged with cocos2d-x ?