boundingBox vs boundingBoxInPixels

boundingBox vs boundingBoxInPixels
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I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, or if it has already been answered, but what is the difference between boundingBox and boundingBoxInPixels and other similar functions?


These methods are inherited from cocos2d-iphone.
the unit of boundingBox’ parameters are in “points”, while buildingBoxInPixels are in the unit of “pixels”
If you have called CCDirector::enableRetinaDisplay(true) for iphone4 dev, 1 point = 2 pixels. It’s designed to compatible both iphone3/3gs(HVGA) & retina display in cocos2d system.
Besides that, e.g. on iphone3, ipad, android, windows, you haven’t enable retina display, 1 point = 1 pixels.