Bone animation features?

Bone animation features?
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Hi, just wondering if there are any plans for the following bone animation features:

  1. Partial bone animations. The ability to override certain bones of an animation with another animation.
  2. Additive animations. The ability to apply an animation as a delta to another animation.
  3. Crossfading animations. Lerping out one animation while another animation is lerping in.
  4. Animation events. Ability to flag frames in the animation to trigger game events.

If not, does anyone have thoughts on implementation?



I think Animation Events is a very important feature to have. Especially if you want some weapons based combat in the game.

One way of doing this would be to Make the Node trigger events based on listeners


addListener(frameNo, AnimationName, listener):
map(“AnimationName:frameNo”, listener);

draw( ):
for(listener in map[CurAnim:CurAnimFrame]):
listener.notify(… some arguments here?);