Blow The Balls Game (prototype)

Blow The Balls Game (prototype)
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Hi all,
Just a couple of months back, we started developing a game based on cocos2d-html5. Its a clone of the flash game, Bubble Trouble. Our goal is to create a game that works well on all devices from desktop to mobile (by scaling well, making use of different inputs, device capabilities, etc.,)

We are very far from completion, but still I think the game is good enough now to show as a prototype. Please do check the game at
and give ur valuable suggestions. The game code is not yet compiled to a single file, so there will be 100s of JS requests and so loading time ll be long.

Review of code and your valuable suggestions are highly appreciated :)
Licensing details are not yet added to the code files, but I will be adding GNU GPL v3 for code and Common Creative for art assets this weekend…
Thanks :



What do you think that arrow supports horizontal shooting?


As of now, we dont want to deviate much from our reference game, Bubble Trouble. Also IMHO, horizontal shooting might make the gameplay a little more complex…


Yo man! Name of your game bought my attention…)) thats not fair. you marketing bastard)


Enjoyed game title:)