BlackBerry Webinar + Game Port-a-Thon

BlackBerry Webinar + Game Port-a-Thon
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Hello all,

I hope this is okay to do, but I just wanted to share two opportunities coming up that I thought this community might want to know about. This coming Thursday (Nov. 15) I will be presenting a webinar on HTML5 gaming with a focus on the BlackBerry platform. The primary focus is WebGL and Canvas2D, but I’ll also be discussing things like audio, social integration, etc. I’ve developed a sample Cocos2d-HTML5 application that uses Box2DWeb as well which will be discussed during the webinar, and should be open-sourced on Github this week as well. If there’s any interest, please fire me an email at and I’ll provide a link to the blog post/registration.

If an admin says it’s okay to post the links here, I’d be happy to, I just don’t want to hijack the forums for promotion.

We also have a 36-hour virtual, game porting session where developers can get help from BlackBerry development consultants in porting their games to our platform. HTML5 games are by far one of the best candidates for simplicity, and I’d be ecstatic to see some Cocos2d-HTML5 (or any Cocos at that) ports brought over. There will be rewards including straight cash rewards ($100 per game, up to 20 games), BlackBerry PlayBooks and Dev Alpha devices, as well as paid trips to GDC in San Francisco next year.

Again, if I get the okay to post links here, I’ll be happy to do so. Otherwise, please feel free to reach out to me at, and I’ll give you the specific URLs for the webinar and porting sessions.

Regarding my Cocos2d-HTML5 sample, I have series of blog posts lined up that will look at various aspects (virtual controls, Box2DWeb, etc.) so if you have any questions, please feel free to ask here (or by email) and I’ll do my best to help. I am still fairly new at the Cocos2d-HTML5, but this projeect has given me some exposure to various aspects that I’d be happy to discuss.



Hi, Erik, please post the link here. We are open.

Glad to hear that you have something to share with other developers.



@Erik, I open your permission to post on news channel. Please feel free to promote RIM’s hackson on this website’s main page.
You’ll find an “add news” button on page.


That’s great Shun and Walzer, thank you so much. As a quick reference, the webcast information can be found here:

And the Game Port-a-Thon can be found here:

But I’ll put together a post for the news channel as well. I really appreciate the offer for that, it would be great to get the larger Cocos2d community aware of this as well.



Hello all, just for reference the post has gone live here:

Thank you again for helping spread the message!