[BlackBerry] Feed The Snake

[BlackBerry] Feed The Snake
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I am extremely proud to announce the release of my first game built with cocos2d-x for BlackBerry 10: Feed the Snake!

Feed the Snake is a completely new take on the popular Snake game originally developed for the first, glorious cellphones more than 15 years ago.
Lead the snake through many addictive levels, pick up the fruit scattered along the way and feed your Snake to let him survive and reach the next level!
Be careful, though: if your Snake is still hungry by the time the sun rises… it will be game over!

The game features a set of 30 addictive levels, increasingly difficult. Try to beat them all to complete the game!
More levels will be made available in the following weeks via free updates.

iOS and Android ports coming soon!

Link to BlackBerry World: http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/21743055/#


Classic Game!


One of my all time favorite classic games.

You have something wrong though…snake was developed in the 70s! I remember playing a variant called nibbles back in 1992, one of my favorite time wasters!